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*June 6 2016 *

New measurements confirm the altitude of the auroral sound source - a new hypothesis created


The first report on the main outcomes of the new measurements made during the March 2013 geomagnetic storm will be published in BNAM 2016 in Stockholm, June 20-22, 2016. Also, a new hypothesis on the sound producing mechanism will be presented.

*July 2 2012 *

Sound source - possible associated with aurora borealis - localized!


A recording produced on Sept 9-10 2011 during a geomagnetic storm by using three microphones and a VLF antenna picked up twenty similar clap sounds. Some of them were close enough in order to be detected by all three microphones. The collected data allowed the estimation of the location of the sound source. The sound source was on the open sky. Preliminary results will be published July 10 2012 in Vilnius:

The 19th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, Vilnius, Lithuania, July 08-12 2012.

- This result is an important step in the project since its start in 2000.

- The result shows that the sound source - at this particular case - was real and on the sky, not far away from the ground.

- The result DEOS NOT support speculations like:  the auroral sounds are -

- just illusion

- created by the brain of the observer (purely subjective experience)

- caused by synesthesia (=illness!)

- created in the brain by direct electromagnetic radiation

- created at the tips of the trees

- created by frost and ice  (no frost nor ice on Sept 9 2011)

- created somewhere on the ground – not on the sky

- The result does not explain the physical mechanism behind these clap sounds. It just estimates the location of the sound source of this event!


*August 21 2007 *

Study of Aurora Related Sound and Electric Field Effects [pdf]

This excellent Master's Thesis by Janne Hautsalo describes statistical analysis of sound recordings made at Koli, Finland April 11-12 2001 during a strong geomagnetic storm. 

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