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Unto K. Laine

Auroral Crackling Sounds and Schumann Resonances

26th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 7-11 July 2019, Montreal, Canada, July 2019


Unto K. Laine

Analysis of Reports and Crackling Sounds with Associated Magnetic Field Disturbances Recorded during a Geomagnetic Storm on March 7, 2012 in Southern Finland

AES 144th Convention 2018, Milan, Italy, May 2018


Unto K. Laine

Localization of Sound Sources in Temperature Inversion Layer during a Geomagnetic Storm

24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, London, July 2017


Unto K. Laine

Auroral Acoustics project – a progress report with a new hypothesis

Baltic-Nordic Acoustic Meeting, BNAM 2016, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2016


Unto K. Laine

Analysis of clap sounds recorded during the September 9–10 2011 geomagnetic storm

The 19th International Congress of Sound and Vibration, Vilnius, Lithuania, July 2012


Unto K. Laine

Denoising and Analysis of Audio Recordings Made during the April 6–7 2000 Geomagnetic Storm by Using a Non-Professional Ad Hoc Setup

Baltic-Nordic Acoustic Meeting, BNAM 2004, Mariehamn, Finland, July 2004


Unto K. Laine, Esa Turunen, Jyrki Manninen, Heikki Nevanlinna

Measurements and Analysis of Sounds During Active Aurorae in Finland 2000-2001

27th triennial General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI 2002), Maastricht, Netherlands, August 2002


Unto K. Laine, Esa Turunen, Jyrki Manninen, Heikki Nevanlinna

Auroral Sounds, Observations and Measurements

28th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods, Oulu, Finland, August 2001






Unto K. Laine

Revontulten akustiikkaa

XXVII Geofysiikan Päivät, 5.2015, Oulu ss. 28–29.


Unto K. Laine, Esa Turunen, Jyrki Manninen, Heikki Nevanlinna

Revontuliäänet, havaintoja ja mittauksia

XX Geofysiikan päivät 15.-16.5.2001, Helsinki, ss. 101–106. 


Unto K. Laine

Revontuliäänten taltioinnista ja analyyseistä

Akustiikan Päivät, Espoo 8.-9.10.2001, ss. 119–122.