Virtual Acoustics Lab

Welcome to a tour of the Aalto Acoustics Lab!

Entering the Lab

We have a virtual version of our lab in Mozilla hubs; and since you sadly could not come to Finland, we would like to use it to show you around. In some of the rooms, there will be videos with binaural demos and explanations. We have made some good experiences with Mozilla hubs, but please note that it is still quite experimental.

Enter either with a VR headset on a desktop browser. Use headphones.

The button will bring you to the 2nd floor, where the anechoic chambers are. You can change floors by clicking the "visit room" button that you will find on the stairs.


If you can not enter the virtual acoustics lab, please make a post here, and we can try to help you.


VR headsets

If you have a VR headset, you can use that to join. If it is a cable-connected model your browser will ask you to allow VR and get you going. If you are using a standalone headset (like Oculus Quest), please select “Enter on Device”. Then go to on the headset using the Firefox Reality browser on your HMD and click “I have a code” on the bottom of the page. Enter the 4 digit code and you should be in the virtual lab soon

Desktop Browser

If you do not have a VR headset, you can join using the browser as well. For me, Mozilla Firefox works well on both Mac and Windows, but be prepared to retry a few times. If it does not load, try a different browser. In chrome, binaural sound is not working, which is a pitty because there should be correct spatialization and we also have some built-in binaural demos. If you can not enter at all, or do not have binaural sound, you can also watch the demos below.

If you are using the desktop, use the arrow keys or WASD to move and the mouse to look around. Hold the right mouse button and release it to teleport.

Virtual Helsinki

You can also explore the city of Helsinki here.


You can find these videos embedded into the Virtual Acoustics Lab in Mozilla Hubs. If they don't load properly in hubs, you can right click on them and select link to view them outside of hubs. Alternatively, you can see them here.

Large Anechoic Chamber

Variable Acoustics Room

Listening Room

Listening Booths

Multichannel Room Wilska - Concert Halls

Multichannel Room Wilska - Studios


This demo is intended for the VRACE workshop at Aalto 22.3.-23.3.2020.
Room Scans were done by Niklas Alenius.