Auditory Modeling Toolbox - Takanen 2013 Binaural auditory model

Marko Takanen, Olli Santala, and Ville Pulkki

Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Espoo, Finland

Companion page

This page includes the .mat files required in the Matlab demo and experiment files of the binaural auditory model. With the Matlab files, it is possible produce selected figures found in the following two publications:

M. Takanen, O. Santala, and V. Pulkki. Visualization of functional count-comparison-based binaural auditory model output. Manuscript in revision, 2013.
M. Takanen, O. Santala, and V. Pulkki. Binaural assessment of parametrically coded spatial audio signals, in J. Blauert, (ed.), The technology of binaural listening, Chapter 13, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg, Germany, 2013.

Files used in demo_takanen2013.m
To save the files, right click on the links and select "Save as".
Save the demo_* files in folder "demos" of the AMToolbox package.

Files used in exp_takanen2013.m
Save the exp_* files in folder "experiments" of the AMToolbox package.

The model itself can be found in the Auditory Modeling Toolbox web page:
Takanen2013 model in the Auditory modeling toolbox

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Last modified: April 5th, 2013
Authors: Marko Takanen, Olli Santala