Digital Audio Antiquing

Digital Audio Antiquing – Signal Processing Methods for Imitating the Sound Quality of Historical Recordings
Vesa Välimäki,1 Sira González,1 Ossi Kimmelma,2 and Jukka Parvainen3
1Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, Espoo, Finland

2Helsinki University of Technology, Micro and Nanosciences Laboratory, Espoo, Finland

3Helsinki University of Technology, Laboratory of Computer and Information Science, Espoo, Finland
Digital signal processing methods to modify sound files to appear aged by imitating historical disturbances are reviewed. The opposite activity, audio restoration, has been cultivated during the past few decades to improve the sound quality of old recordings. Case studies of audio antiquing to render a music file to sound like a phonograph, gramophone, and LP recording are presented.
Audio samples
Author: Sira González
Modified: 26.6.2007, Sira González