Physical modeling of flageolet tones in string instruments

Physical modeling of flageolet tones in string instruments
Jyri Pakarinen, Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing Helsinki University of Technology Espoo, Finland
This paper introduces a physical modeling method for synthesizing flageolet tones played on string instruments. Flageolet tones are generated when a player gently damps the vibrating string at a certain location, so that only those modes that have a nodal point at the damping location remain ringing. A physical model of the spatially damped string is implemented using a wave digital resistor connected to a digital waveguide string. Also, a commuted waveguide version is derived and analyzed. The model is able to realistically synthesize flageolet tones with both static and time-varying damping parameters. Synthesis results are presented and analyzed.
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Published in Proc. 13th European Signal Processing Conference, Antalya, Turkey, September 4-8, 2005.
Click below to see video demonstrations of different flageolet-playing techniques:
Sound samples:
A synthesized string is plucked near its end. After 250 ms, a damping is applied:
Author: Jyri Pakarinen
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