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Companion Page to "Real-Time Emulation of the Clavinet"

This web companion page contains sound examples related to the paper "Real-Time Emulation of the Clavinet" by L. Gabrielli, V. Vlimki and S. Bilbao.

A physical model has been developed for real-time sound synthesis of the Clavinet, an electromechanical keyboard instrument from the 20th century. The Clavinet has a peculiar excitation mechanism, relying on a tangent striking the string. The modeling paradigm chosen is waveguide synthesis and this paper suggests several novel techniques, such as a polynomial excitation pulse model and a beating generator, both of which have parameters depending on key velocity. Realistic emulation of the release part of Clavinet tones is based on a decrease in the decay rate of the tone and lengthening of a delay line, which corresponds to the physical string. A real-time implementation on Pure Data demonstrates the efficiency of proposed model.
Sound Examples
  • Clavinet D6: riff with B pickup
  • Clavinet D6: single tones
  • String model: synthetic F1 with A pickup, strong dynamic
  • String model: synthetic G2 with A pickup, soft dynamic
  • String model: synthetic G2 with A pickup, strong dynamic
  • String model: synthetic E5 with A pickup, medium dynamic
  • String model: C2maj scale, medium dynamic
  • Soundbox knock: recorded and filtered
  • String model: behind the code
    • 1. simple Karplus-Strong model w/o frequency dependent damping
    • 2.simple Karplus-Strong model with frequency dependent damping
    • 3.adding dispersion
    • 4.adding a light ripple filter
    • 5.adding a stronger ripple filter (weird, but just so you understand)
    • 6.light ripple filter again and beating equalizer
    • 7.using pickup B
    • 8.using pickup A+B
    • 9.using pickup A-B
    • 10.adding the amplifier frequency response
    • 11.adding the soundbox knock
  • Pure Data: phrase synthesized in Pure Data with an external MIDI keyboard
Code Examples (PD)
Further reading


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