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Companion Page to "Digital Modeling of the Vintage Telephone Sound"

This web companion page contains sound examples related to the paper S. Oksanen and V. Vlimki "Digital Modeling of the Vintage Telephone Sound" in Proc. ICMC 2011, Huddersfield, UK, Jul. 31 - Aug. 5, 2011.

The emulation of telephone-like sound is a widely used effect in music, television and film industry. This paper presents a digital model of a vintage telephone sound effect. The effect is derived based on the physical principles of a single-button carbon microphone. The model is realized by using a sandwich model, which consists of a cascade of second-order equalizer filters followed by a nonlinearity and an additive noise generator and a bandpass filter. The model can be used as an effect in singing track processing or in audio antiquing purposes by processing a piece of music with it. The resulting sound can be adjusted by changing the model parameters.
Sound Examples
  • Male speech sample
  • Inharmonic bell sound sample
Code Examples (MATLAB)


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