Virtual Slide Guitar

Virtual Slide Guitar
Jyri Pakarinen, Tapio Puputti, and Vesa Välimäki, Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing Helsinki University of Technology Espoo, Finland
A new physics-based sound synthesis model for the slide guitar is presented. This model uses energy-compensated time-varying digital waveguides. The string algorithm also contains a parametric model for synthesizing the tube-string contact sounds. The contact sound synthesis model is based on acoustical analysis conducted on a real slide guitar. The real-time virtual slide guitar user interface employs optical gesture recognition, so that the user can play this virtual instrument simply by making slide guitar playing gestures in front of a camera.
Published in Computer Music Journal 32(3), Fall 2008.
Author: Jyri Pakarinen
Modified: 08.09.2008, Jyri Pakarinen